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Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Institute of Literary Studies

1118 Budapest, Ménesi út 11–13.,HUNGARY

Telefon: (36 1) 279 2760

Fax: (36 1) 385 3876



Director: László Szörényi

Deputy Director: József Jankovics

Scientific Affairs: Zsombor Tóth

Chiefs of Departments

Renaissance and BaroqueJózsef Jankovics

18th CenturyGábor Tüskés

19th CenturyPéter Dávidházi

Moderne LiteratureGergely Angyalosi

Literary TheoryAndrás Veres

Central and Eastern EuropeTamás Berkes

Bibliography – Karola Csóra

Library – Eszter Héjjas • (On-line catalogue)

Brief history

Founding of the Institute of Literary History. Director: István Sőtér (until 1983)

Literary Theory Department formed

The periodical Kritika is launched (Editor: András Diószegi). Edited at the Institute until 1971

A magyar irodalom története [History of Hungarian Literature] is published in 6 volumes. Editor in chief: István Sőtér

Name is changed to Institute of Literary Studies

Renaissance Research Workshop is formed, led by Tibor Klaniczay

An independent department for 18th century studies is created. The organisational structure is finalised

A magyar irodalom története 1945–1970 [History of Hungarian Literature] is published in 4 volumes. Editor in chief: Miklós Béládi

Director: Tibor Klaniczay

The Department of Central and East European Studies is formed. Chief of department: Endre Bojtár Work is restarted on several abandoned critical editions, textological work receives more support

Director: György Bodnár

Director: László Szörényi

Current Research Projects

Textology – Latin and Hungarian critical editions

History of Criticism – Monographs, conferences

History of the Press – A series of handbooks

Comparative Studies – International cooperation

Study of Literary Cults – Monographs, conferences

Literary Theory – Canonisation, interpreting communities, etc.

Modern Literary History – Trends – Authors – Works

Bibliography – Bibliography of Hungarian Literary History


Irodalomtörténeti Közlemények (Bulletin for Literary History)
Published since 1891. Six issues per year. The single most important periodical of Hungarian literary history; also publishes historical documents
Editor in chief: László Szörényi;
Editor: Gábor Kecskeméti

Published since 1955. Four issues per year Field: New findigs in international literary studies
Editor: László Varga

Founded in 1974 as a successor to Kritika. Four issues per year. The most important periodical of Hungarian literary theory
Editor: András Veres

Published since 1971. Two issues per year. An international review of comparative studies
Editors: József Szili and József Pál

Camoenae Hungaricae
Published since 2004. One issue per year. Yearbook of the Hungarian and Middle European Neo-Latin Studies
Editor: László Szörényi

Published since 2008. On-line recensions, e-books

On-line publications, bibliography