itt van egy kép MTA ITI

Varietas gentium – Communis Latinitas
(International Congress of Neo-Latin Studies)

Budapest, Szeged, 6–13 August 2006

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Musica Historica

Edited and arranged by Rumen István Csörsz

The Ensemble Musica Historica was founded in Budapest in 1988. The group has developed its interpretational style through the study of classical and early music, as well as traditional music from Hungary and Eastern-Europe. As a group it has focused on the connection between the Hungarian and Middle-European music of the 15–19th c., while individual members have researched and published on: the Medieval and Renaissance sung poetry; the Hungarian popular poetry of the 17–19th c.; and the classical Turkish music. They also play works of Western-European Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque composers.

We believe nevertheless, that no scientific research can substitute for artistic invention. Early music remains an open, ever experimenting genre. Musica Historica has no intention of following a ‘lapidary style’. The works of more than hundred years of age can seem distant, but in many cases they can recover their vitality and reach their audience when performed using interesting and unique approaches. His music can be compared to an ivy-grown but still habitable old house, which after renovation, could be lived in happily for the next few centuries.

Musica Historica has had almost 900 performances throughout the country, as one group, as well as together with great characters of the early music scene. The group tours frequently to places such as: Transylvania (Rumania), Slovakia, Austria, Poland, Italy, Germany and Czech Republic. The ensemble has recorded three CDs.

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